Tout ce que vous avez toujours souhaité savoir sur la biodégradabilité des lubrifiants et graisses

14 Sep 2023 | Presse

.       Vincent Bouillon, Eurofins BFB Oil Research S.A; Les Isnes (Gembloux); Belgium


We all agree that sustainability is relevant to the lubricants industry. Sustainability efforts are well
underway and lubricants are part of the solution. A lubricant’s potential to reduce friction and wear,
prevent overheating, reduce energy consumption and increase the lifetime of equipment is of great benefit to the industries which use lubricants, as well as to the lubricant industry itself.

In spite of that, we can’t forget that lubricants may
be harmful and dangerous and may cause long-termadverse effects on biota.

A small drop of lubricant can contaminate a large
quantity of groundwater and render it undrinkable.
Despite the efforts being made to recover, regenerateand re-refine lubricants, it is recognised that morethan five million tons of lubricants are not collectedand are disposed of in the environment.

Biodegradable substances may be removed from sewers, sewage treatment plants, or the environment directly, preventing them from reaching groundwater…

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