Register and ship your sample

You’ve just received your Eurofins IESPM sampling kit.

To ensure the proper reception of your sample by our laboratories, we invite you to follow the three steps below.

STEP 1: Take a sample

There are several sampling methods depending on the fluids you are sampling. Eurofins IESPM accompanies you through video tutorials and/or explanations of operating procedures.

Visit our YouTube channel or dedicated pages on fluid analysis to learn more about the sampling methods for these fluids.

To learn more about the sampling of dielectric fluids, please visit the dedicated page.


STEP 2: Register a sample

Have you successfully completed your sampling? Now you need to fill in the technical information about your sample.

First and foremost:

  • Thoroughly clean the outside of the bottle(s) to remove all traces of liquid or grease.
  • Affix an identification label (supplied in the kit) to each bottle.

If you choose to register your sample yourself on DiagServer :

To register your sample online via our DiagServer portal or the DiagServer App mobile app, go to your DiagServer account using the login credentials received by email. If you don’t have an account yet, please contact us.

If you choose to fill in the sampling form so that we can register the sample :

  1. Enter your full contact details on the first page
  2. Glue the second QR Code label to the first page of this document, in the position indicated.
  3. Fill in the sampling form as legibly as possible with a ballpoint pen, providing as many details as possible. This information will be used for analysis, testing and quality control. Incomplete or inaccurate data will affect the relevance of the analysis results and diagnosis.

STEP 3: Send one or more samples

Tip before sending your samples:

  • Place the labelled vial(s) in the return envelope provided.
  • If you’ve already filled in the collection form, add it to the envelope.
  • Check the strength of the packaging
  • Send by post. Note: It is imperative to comply with the current ADR and/or IATA regulations (appropriate packaging and labeling).
send file

Keep an eye on your mailbox!

Your results and diagnosis will be sent to you by email after a few days.