You are a professional in the port sector

As a preferred partner of maintenance services, Eurofins IESPM has been supporting professionals in the port sector for over 30 years.

  • Fleets (leisure, tourism, fishing, and logistics): yachts and pleasure boats, ferries, barges, dredgers, pilot boats, tugboats, speedboats…
  • Infrastructure: bascule bridges, gangways, docks and basins, pumps, generators, transformers, refrigerated terminals, LNG terminals, mineral terminals…
  • Handling systems: cranes, gantries, forklifts, straddle carriers, lifting systems, port tractors…

The stakes of monitoring your industrial equipment

Fluid analysis allows for a simple and quick monitoring of your infrastructure, your fleet (ships, yachts, trawlers, …) and your port handling systems.

Our reports provide valuable information on the condition of fluids (oil, fuel, coolant, etc.) and on the proper functioning of your equipment (wear, mechanical defects, external pollution, etc.) in order to plan your maintenance operations. Regular monitoring allows you to anticipate breakdowns, limit maintenance costs, reduce your carbon footprint by performing oil changes at the right time, and increase the availability of your equipment.

We accompany you throughout the life cycle of port equipment, from acquisition to post-warranty maintenance, thanks to fluid analysis techniques.

At the acquisition of your port equipment

From the acquisition of your various port equipment, we accompany you in setting up surveillance: defining strategic components to monitor, establishing a sampling protocol, scheduling samples, ZERO point (evaluation of initial properties)…

During and especially after the warranty period of your port equipment

You must avoid mechanical malfunctions and unplanned downtime. In this context, we accompany you in the monitoring of your equipment for effective preventive maintenance: setting up monitoring (defining analysis sequences and sampling frequencies), managing unforeseen events, monitoring the health status of the components of various equipment, surveillance report and feedback.


Economic benefits

  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Extension of the service life of lubricants and equipment
  • Significant purchases of parts and lubricants
  • Positive impact on ROI: reduction of operating losses due to breakdowns

Technical advantages

  • Peace of mind for teams: fewer unexpected stops, intervention planning, and identification of breakdown causes to guide maintenance operations
  • Monitoring of fluid condition, equipment wear, and other anomalies (oil degradation, oxidation, water contamination, etc.)
  • Non-intrusive monitoring without disassembly or machine shutdown, thanks to a simple sampling
  • Reduction of environmental impact

Environmental benefits

  • Improvement and adjustment engine combustion efficiency
  • Reduce lubricant consumption
  • Control the quality of the working environment and prevention of employee health risks

IESPM and you: stages in a win-win partnership

In an economy that is increasingly focused on the user experience, and in which the digitalization of services has become essential, IESPM is reinventing its customer relations by striving to establish a genuine relationship of trust and long-term partnership with all its customers, both professionals and private individuals.
“By being attentive to our environment and listening to our customers, we can innovate and constantly improve our processes to meet their expectations. 1+1=3 is our way of expressing that together we form a winning partnership to bring our customers more service, performance and peace of mind in the management of their risks.”

How is the partnership between Eurofins IESPM and its customers organized?


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