Our Quality, Safety and Environment policy

Our QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility ) policies are built on our values, the pillars of our organization.

“We monitor our customers’ equipment as if it were our own, bringing peace of mind to risk management”.

“The independence of our laboratories is the founding principle of our company and guides our development”.

“Our technical know-how enables us to formulate diagnoses that lead directly to action.

These strong, well-established values give rise to absolute priorities that translate into precise objectives.

Safety and well-being

Reducing workplace accidents and improving the quality of daily working life

Customer satisfaction

Improving customer satisfaction by monitoring NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Sustainable development

Significantly reducing our environmental impact

The quality of our analyses

Maintaining our accreditations and certifications

To achieve these objectives, we are committed to :


Ensure compliance with our policies, procedures and, more generally, with compliance standards and obligations


Ensure the coherence of our activities through the implementation of an efficient and consistent management system.


Prevent risks (quality, pollution, safety)


behave with integrity and impartiality, respecting the network's values of ethics and confidentiality


Initiate every meeting with a safety topic


Taking care of employees' well-being


Protecting the environment by implementing an environmental approach


Join a sustainable development initiative by calculating our carbon footprint


Stimulate the participation and responsibility of all staff to develop their skills at all hierarchical levels


Ensure the involvement and training of all staff, who, day after day, each at their own level, put their know-how and talent at the service of our customers.


Improve our lead times (processing of non-conformities, BLs, samples)

“We are all artisans of the quality of service we offer.”
Carol Agnès, President,

Eurofins IESPM’s CSR policy is further strengthened by its commitment to various environmental protection measures.

Our NF EN ISO 14001 certification commits us to reducing the environmental impact of our activities by acting on 4 main components:


  • Limiting the impact of transport (aiming for carbon neutrality by 2025)
  • Management of common and business-related waste
  • Raising our employees’ awareness of the impact of energy use
  • Reducing consumption

In addition, we are committed to a socially responsible approach with the aim of obtaining NF EN ISO 45001 certification, whose criteria include, among others :


  • Ensuring employee safety
  • Respect for gender parity
  • Open communication and equal opportunities for all employees
  • Quality of life at work, with a dedicated person

Eurofins IESPM and its commitment to gender equality.


The Women-Men Equality Index, resulting from the law of 05/09/18 for the freedom to choose one’s professional future and the decree of 08/01/19, enables companies to measure their progress in eliminating unjustified pay gaps between women and men, through objective indicators:

  • The gender pay gap for comparable positions and ages: 36/40,
  • The gap in the distribution of individual 35/35 increases,
  • The number of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave: 15/15,
  • The number of women among the 10 highest earners: 0/10.

Eurofins IESPM scored 86 points.

We are committed to the development and careers of our female employees.

The fruit of a constant non-discriminatory policy, particularly in terms of compensation, this result encourages us to pursue and strengthen our pay equity policy with the aim of continuous improvement.

    The identity sheet for the complaints management process is available to any interested party on request from Eurofins Laboratories.