Our business

With over 60 years of expertise, Eurofins IESPM is a key player in fluid analysis and diagnostics. As a preferred partner for maintenance services, we offer our customers unique support in monitoring their equipment, with solutions tailored to their needs.

Analysis and diagnosis

Lubricant analysis is an indispensable monitoring technique for preventing mechanical malfunctions, reducing machine downtime, and controlling repair and maintenance costs.

We analyze all types of fluids and lubricants present in equipment, and offer our customers (private individuals, experts or professionals) comprehensive, precise and reliable diagnostics that reveal the operating condition of their machines.


We offer our customers training courses dedicated to fluid monitoring. Led by experts, these technical training courses are aimed at all professionals wishing to develop their condition monitoring skills and better understand and interpret their analysis results.

Various themes are offered throughout the year, in face-to-face or distance learning, intra- or inter-company. Find out more about our training courses on our dedicated page.

Online sensors

Lubricant analysis techniques are constantly being modernized thanks to today’s technologies. This is the background to the development of our partner LUBSENS.

Rouen-based start-up LUBSENS, founded in 2020, designs tailor-made online maintenance solutions: a box that uses sensors to analyze and diagnose the industrial fluids of so-called critical and strategic machines in real time and continuously. The data collected by the sensors is stored in a database which is used by a visualization application for the customer.

With the help of this customized, multi-media (computers, tablets, smartphones) interface, they offer their customers the possibility of visualizing the evolution of the properties they wish to monitor, of setting their critical and danger thresholds, and of being warned instantly if these thresholds have been exceeded.